Why The Women’s March Won’t Work

Because the election, for better or worse, was, unbknownst to many of the attendees, a referendum on the very foundations of Western democracy. It was a referendum of fundamental tenets, or, rather, it was just a collosal “fuck you”. There is not a march in the world that can refute “fuck you”. The only possible way forward for them is another fundamental “fuck you.” But, I don’t think they’re capable of that, most of them anyway. Such a fundamental refutation on their part would requre historical wherewithall they have heretofore failed in their demonstration of. On some fundamental level, they refuse to play by the rules that Trumps supporters have reverted to, the real political rules, where anything goes and if you don’t do everthing (and I mean everthing) to stop them then there is no hope. Only a politics of no-holds-barred zero-sum-game is appropriate in this situation and the sooner that the Democrats and their supporters realize that the sooner they can joing the rest of us in the real world.

Girl Crush Controversy

Let’s be clear about something first. The song is promoting bisexuality. Read the lyrics. I won’t explicate them here for brevity’s sake, but many other sites have. As such, conservatives have a right to complain that values other than their own are being promoted on their local “community” radio stations. It’s a controversy because it is one of the few clear clashes between new liberal values and old conservative American values. It’s really that simple. So, the liberal media are calling it a controversy to draw attention so that they can then persuade the reader that their values are the correct interpretation of the solution. I don’t hold it against them however annoying it is to read their varying insipid opinions about it.  Most of them are unconscious about the forces at play, and that is the point.

On MGMT’s Career Failure

It is clear from MGMT’s self-titled third album that they became increasingly upset and isolated after their second album failed to garner the same attention that their debut album did. Their third album is an outright indictment of society and the music industry. But, frankly, as much as I really appreciated the psychedelic interiority of Congratulations, it was clearly a deliberate deviation from the pop bubble wrapping that they packaged their first psychedelic leanings in. To this end, it is clear that they never really accepted the tenets of populism; it was done begrudgingly to work within “the system.” This philistinism mentality is what ultimately thwarted their potentially meteoric success.